by Loud Sun

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    ;' ` ; BUT REALLY . . . ™
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    ,,, ;`,',; J U S T D O W N L O A D
    ;,` ; ;' ` ; ,', A N D P A Y W H A T Y O U
    ;`,'; ;`,',; ;,' ; S O D E S I R E …
    ;',`; ;` ' ; ;`'`'; ///
    ;` '',''` `,',`',;
    `''`'; ', ;`'`'
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    ;` ' ; I need care and love just like everyone else,
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released September 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Loud Sun Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Gold Again
How you know it that my mind is right
Signing you over
How you know it that my mind is right
Send you an invite
You sound like a voice on the phone
A glimpse at your body at rest
How you know it when I'm silent inside

Silhouette sound
Silent with your bodies frown
I wish I found you older
A sunny wash in your eyes
A sunny echoing over
A sunniness inside
Gold Again Gold Again

Signal when you feel it's safe
Soaring on a road of blades
Don't know why you count the replies
Shout at the patience
It's you if you want to decide
It's you that would split me in two
And I'd never have a regret
But so far that's all that we do
Track Name: Running From
From the world about this time
For the rest of our lives we are branded
For the rest of our lives will be running scared

Since I run
Forgotten noon
Foreshadowed Sirens
They won't let us up

Oh Oh Running
From the World About this time
Oh Oh Oh
Track Name: See Eyes
If I survived more
Sucked my gutter sideways
Felt my bodies suffering
Don't apologize rightly

Eyes See-through Eyes
Eyes See-through

Phantom signal outcome
Formal epitaph bites
Slice about our hit-list
Self-bonded nano-cryte
Track Name: Scattered Light
I kill wishes sorrow palace heights ahh
Two violent winters piled high ahhh
Ahhh Scattered Light

Suckers searching hit-list my delight ahh
Plead such a noble pearly white ahhh

ahhh Scattered Light
Track Name: Words As Batons
Dig an easy well
Former riders bliss
Foggy bridges crossed
You wont have to list

Your words are batons
Sinking entropists

I will miss you loud
Silent wishing tide
Buyers market sold
Spying missions blind

Your words are batons
speaking sane

Silence Sane Silence Sane Silence
Track Name: Tired Hums
One of these hours
I'll parade
Eschewed all the way to the womb where you got your name
I would hum mothers songs
Where will they go
Tired Hums

Day comes I am two sides harrowing
dead always... where would they go anyways (live edit)

Track Name: Slight Mane
Was I witness to your kiss
In your arms emotionless
Was I cradled weightless mass
Beard was brought in aftermath

Blowing tinder brittle beast
torrid practice hostile feast
Willows vanish shadow masks
Tepid ocean washing past

With the slightest mane
Brought me back to sane
ahhh ahh
Evidential bliss
Holy Angel's kiss
Track Name: Wayes
When I hold your body
I feel like a married man
When you're cold a posterized
I'm worried as a lamb
When I was supposed to leave
I didn't last a day
If I had a private eye
I'd worry them away

Pillows on my side at night
Your arms are just a sheet
Missing on your love supply
that I can barely keep
Feeling like a sinking ship
The passengers astray
This old life cannot contain
the raft to float to bay
Track Name: Innocent Home
Innocent Home
Innocent Home
Innocence Roams
Innocent home

I'll miss your wild
I'll miss you warm
Track Name: My Dims
To him
Will My eyes dim?

All is held aside
when I was on the outside
With a brief supply
dealing it on the outside

So will spend our lives
Willing and full of self writhe
In a total stride
Windowless on the south-side